Attention Fellow Patriot

It’s happening… The writing is on the wall…

An unthinkable crisis is set to hit THIS YEAR, and inside this short presentation I'll explain how 3 catastrophic lies and cover-ups in our Government spell certain doom...

I know you have seen all the signs for years now, how the U.S. dollar has become just as valuable as toilet paper due to the unthinkable level of debt our economy is in...

That debt has now "officially" ballooned to 18 TRILLION and the real number including all the "unreported" debt is about 4x that sky-high number...

You mah have noticed how our Government is using more excessive force in the streets, with a shoot first and ask questions later mentality...

Police forces are being trained with once-reserved military and special ops protocol, they are being given high-tech weapons and access to more government resources than ever...

FEMA, which is also responsible for detention camps and resource confiscations during a crisis, is buying up EVERYTHING they can get their hands on, from housing units to military-grade weaponry...

Why is all this going on right now?

I think you already know the answer to this, our government is preparing for a crisis - A MAJOR CRISIS.

And in the next few minutes, I will give you 3 bullet-proof reasons to believe me when I say this crisis is happening THIS YEAR...

I promise, you've never heard of these lies and cover-ups and once you discover just how desperate our economy is today, you'll want to begin preparing immediately.

I am putting myself in serious risk just for sharing this presentation with you now, so if you leave, don't be surprised if the site has been taken down and I've gone off the grid because of the highly classified nature of this information.

This presentation PROOVES WITHOUT DOUBT that America is in for a major fight that will put you and your family in the firing line, literally… So make sure you watch this presentation while it’s still online…

Okay, so my name is James Wright and I'm a retired U.S. navy Seal and preparedness expert.  

And although I've fought to protect our great country spanning 3 different decades, I'm no fool either.

And it's with a heavy heart, fellow patriot, that I must come forward with the dirty lies and cover-ups inside our government, a string of corruption and secrets I've discovered through relentless research and detective work...

These lies spell near-certain doom for our economy, and it's all happening much sooner than you may expect...

In fact, when this crisis strikes our nation (unlike any other crisis we've ever seen) the scariest thing of all is there will be NO WARNING!

Our own government knows this crisis is about to strike, and it's using the element of SURPRISE to catch the general public off-guard and helpless so they can maintain control over the masses.

With the classified information you'll discover right here, I promise you will have ample time to devise a sound, military-grade defense strategy to protect you and your loved ones.

To get started, I want to talk about the most obvious lie of the 3 and work my way to the most lethal of all, which I share last, that will single-handedly bring America as we know it to its knees...

The last big lie I reveal is by far the scariest of all, so be sure and pay close attention and shut off any distractions because this may be the ONLY time you ever get to see this short presentation...

Alright, so to get started I'd like to show you exactly how the numbers you read about in the paper, like our current unemployment and inflation rates, are blatant lies and have been manipulated by our own Presidents to keep the general public happy and at bay.

President Obama has self-proclaimed his Presidency a success due in large to lowering the unemployment rate and giving jobs back to the middle class...

And if you read the newspapers or watch T.V. you'll believe just that. However, there is a dirty little secret our President and government doesn't want you to know about these numbers...

In the early 90's, and as the unemployment rate was rising faster and faster by the year with no end in sight, our President made the decision to manipulate the rate at which unemployment was calculated.

You see, his thinking was that if he couldn't ACTUALLY lower the unemployment rate ethically, he would find another way and that was to change the way unemployment was calculated.

Do this, and the numbers would drop dramatically, even if the exact opposite was in fact true...

Here's what he did to drop the so called "unemployment rates" through-the-floor: He simply changed things so that only those American families who are CURRENTLY receiving unemployment benefits are counted as "unemployed".

So if you are out of work, and have been for years, and the checks dried up long ago you are technically NOT unemployed according to our government’s new methodology.

Well isn't that something, because the truth is millions upon millions of Americans have been out of work and unable to find jobs for years, and because of this they simply don't exist in our Governments eyes.

So when our President say's unemployment is a nice and tidy 6.7%, fact is the REAL number is actually much closer to an astonishing 40%...

An estimated 100+ million working-age Americans are currently out of work today, which to give you a frame of reference, is HIGHER than the Great Depression Era!

But don't think the lies and manipulation of our own government end there, OH NO, because they have done the exact same thing to our so called inflation rates.  

A quick search online would have you believe our inflation rates are about 2%, which is pretty darn low I might add.

Yet, the truth is our Presidents recently changed the way in which inflation was calculated, to once again manipulate the numbers to their advantage and look like a "savior" in the eyes of the general public.

Now, inflation rates are calculated WITHOUT including food and gas - the two largest areas of all in our economy.

How convenient and mischievous is THAT...? What we've learned from this is, if our Presidents can't actually make any positive changes to the economy, they will in fact use dirty tactics to make it LOOK and appear like they have.

The real inflation rate today, including gas and food, is actually much closer to a sky-high... 12%

Which means every purchase you make is automatically taxed 12% on top of everything else, without you even knowing it.

Alright, so now that I've gotten that out of the way and you can already begin to see that our government and Presidents will go to great lengths to keep the truth hidden from us...

I want to talk about an even scarier issue, that is happening in our world now and could very well WIPE OUT your bank accounts in the coming months.

Did you know, that because of the world-wide failure of our most recent and record-setting "bail outs" multiple Countries are implementing a new program during economic crisis...?

It's called "bail-in" and what that means is instead of the government printing even more money from thin-air, that doesn't actually exist - they are now confiscating large portions direct from your bank account to repay the debt.

In one European Country, in 2013, to combat economic collapse they confiscated 47.5% of money in all accounts holding over 100,000…

In other Countries, the banks simply FROZE all accounts or restricted withdrawals for weeks and even months…

Imagine, you wake up tomorrow morning only to discover ALL your bank accounts have been frozen, or large sums of money are now missing!

You won't read about this in most papers or see it talked about in the news, and yet our government is planning to use bail-ins to help repay the astonishing level of debt we've piled up in the past 2 decades!

Truth is, we've added 15+ TRILLION of debt just in the past two decades, which is all the money that actually exists in our economy today...

This wouldn't be so bad, if we didn't OWE large amounts of interest on the debt... which we do and the scary thing is, we can't even afford to pay the interest rates on all this debt, let alone repay the debt itself.

What this means is, one day soon you may wake up and without warning the government has declared the need for a bail-in to keep the economy from crumbling down and the American dollar from being worthless.

This will be their last-ditch effort to save the economy, since their previous efforts of printing money out of thin air (bail-outs) proved disastrous.

For the sake of you, and your loved ones in the time of crisis I urge you to plan for this possibility in advance, and diversify your assets accordingly (stick with me a few more minutes, and I'll even show you exactly how to do it...)

Yet, all this leads me to my most frightening discovery of all - and the ONE thing that could truly be the end of America as we know it...

WARNING: If you aren't aware of this catastrophic early warning sign, watch every single word of this now because it may come as a complete and utter SHOCK to you.

Recently, a major shift in our world’s leaders has begun and it could spell near-certain doom for the United States economy...

Here's why:

China (the largest Country in the world) who the United States is also indebted to the tune of Trillions...

Has recently begun their dramatic bid to CHANGE THE GLOBAL WORLD CURRENCY from the U.S. Dollar to their own money, the Yuan.

You see, until recently China has always had to use the U.S. dollar for trading with foreign countries, because the U.S. Dollar has been the Global Currency...

However, they have grown sick of this and feel their economy is much stronger right now than the United States, and so the Yuan should be ruler and king.

The Chinese are also fed up with the United States inability to pay off its large and unthinkable debt to them, and they realize it will likely never happen so they've begun taking measures to recoup their losses.

Sadly, the Chinese are correct in their assessment and their economy is in much better shape than ours for a few reasons:

First off, in the past few decades China has been buying up more Gold to back their currency (the Yuan) than any other country in the World and is now the second largest holder of gold and fast-approaching the #1 spot.

This is very important, because until 20 years ago most of the U.S. currency in circulation was backed by gold, yet because of the recent balloon in debt we now have about 2% of gold-to paper currency ratio.

While China is moving closer and closer to breaking even by the day!

Other Countries can see this happening too, and they are no fool. The Chinese are not only the LARGEST population country in the world, but they are also booming in a time where all other economies are on life-support.

Which leads me to the second reason China is on the verge of a World takeover, and it's once again tied to their bid for a new World Currency.

The Launch of the "Global Bank".

Have you been watching television recently? If so, you may have heard how the Chinese have created a new World Bank and are planning to use this as a launch pad for promoting the Yuan and making it king and ruler.

The scary part is, over 27 countries have now joined the Chinese in their Global Bank, which uses the Yuan for all foreign trading.

What does this mean...?

In a very short amount of time, countries may no longer NEED the U.S. dollar to trade with, and as a result it will become worthless as toilet paper due to its ballooning debt.

It will only be valuable in the U.S. and because of our incredible level of debt and money-printing, it will fall dramatically through-the-floor to its REAL value which is about $.01 on the dollar.

Just imagine, a few months from now when all this goes down and everything you own, all your paper money and investments, is chopped down to 1/100th overnight.

Remember, it is to our government’s advantage that YOU don't see this coming, so that once it strikes in the dead-of-the-night you will become penniless and at the mercy of our military-controlled streets.

I don't know about you, but all this is very frightening to think about and with all you've recently learned it's pretty difficult to see any other possible outcome...

Oh, and did I mention that China is the ONLY country with a larger military than the United States, at nearly DOUBLE ours, so if we did decide to fight it could be catastrophic!

Now, all this is really a lot to take in and if you are feeling uneasy or even a bit frightened at the thought of what is to come, I don't blame you one bit.

Truth is, I have seen first-hand what crisis looks like, I've fought in Afghanistan and seen what chaos and violence feels like, with people being murdered right in the streets, and government brutalizing the helpless citizens.

And if my predictions are true, based on all this overwhelming evidence, that is exactly what the streets of America will look like should the U.S. Dollar collapse.

Today, I have created a special and comprehensive training program based on my 30+ years of military experience and sound understanding of economics called the "Takeover Survival Plan"...

Teaching everyday Americans, like you, how to survive and PROTECT themselves and their loved ones should a crisis strike without notice.

The Takeover Survival Plan is the first ever, all-inclusive resource you'll ever find on the internet teaching you everything from the top financial moves you can make today to self-defense secrets that could save your life in the midst of chaos, to stockpiling food and going off-the-grid in case of emergency and much more.

And to date, it’s already found the hands of 51,781 patriots like yourself with nothing but top-notch feedback…

Just listen to what a few of them had to say:

“I have known a financial collapse has been on our horizon for decades, and sure enough that day is right around the corner.

As a die-hard survivalist and former U.S. soldier, I own every survival program out there and I must say. No other program gives you this level of financial guidance and survival preparedness. Most of the other programs only focus on things like food or survival tactics, while THIS program not only covers these in great detail, it also lets you in on the single most important thing of all, in my mind: YOUR MONEY and how to prepare yourself for the collapse of the U.S. dollar in coming months.

Without these financial secrets, you won’t last more than a couple weeks at best when Martial Law is executed on the streets and detention camps are set up in your city.

I have already begun doing 7 of the things I learned just in the financial guide alone, and they will be the difference between life and death in a crisis. In my eyes, you’d be a fool to ignore the powerful secrets inside this huge survival program…

Jason Dewalt. Louisville, Kentucky

“I am no real survivalist, and I never really thought much about preparedness in the past. That is, until the 2008 financial crisis nearly sent me into bankruptcy and my entire life turned upside-down.

Since then, I have been truly fearful of our economy and an ever looming crisis to come. I did a lot of self-research online and found some great tips, tricks and survival advice.

Yet, it wasn’t until I discovered the “Takeover Survival Plan” that my survival skills and knowledge reached a new level entirely. As an accountant, I thought I was pretty well protected, with diversified assets and what not.

Truth is, I wasn’t doing ANY of the special op money protection strategies in the program. Which means, if I hadn’t found this program I would have been broke and penniless when crisis hits. And certainly in no position to protect my family and loved ones.

Plus, even though I’ve only been in one fight my entire life – the defense fighting tactics gave me a new level of confidence about my chances on the streets. I was able to master many of them in a matter of hours, and these are truly invaluable to me, maybe even as important as the financial secrets…”

Fred Carlston. Cleveland, Ohio

Now, I’ve received countless hand-written letters from members just like Fred and Jason…

Telling me how eye-opening and revealing this program was, and why they believe it's the absolute best there is on the market...

And this is EXACTLY how I planned it, because my Seal training taught me many, many years ago to always strive to be the very best…

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I’ve priced it DIRT CHEAP (which I will explain all about in just a moment, along with why my close military friends think I've gone "completely mad" for doing this...)

You see, I didn't create this complete survival program to make a lot of money or "get rich" like most of the other schemers out there. Fact is, I have a well-diversified and earthquake-proof like protection in my assets should a crisis strike, so this wasn't about money for me at all.

In reality, I only wanted to raise the awareness of these government cover-ups and desperate lies so other Americans could safely prepare for the inevitable financial doomsday on our horizon…

The more men and women like you who are prepared, the better chances we have against a power-hungry government in a crisis - Yes, strength is in numbers so it’s for my benefit that you have these secrets to protect yourself and all your loved ones, and that you share them with everyone you know…

Now, I’m going to explain why my close friends and family think I've gone "completely mad" with the offer I'm about to make you in just a moment...

Over the next few minutes, I'm going to walk you through, step-by-step, the entire survival training program I've put together for you and all of the benefits is has to offer you...

I've broken the Takeover Survival Plan into 5 separate and equally important training modules covering the most critical survival skills and knowledge you’ll want in the days and months to come…

Training Module #1 - Financial Forecasts and Preparedness (Valued at $99)

In order to survive a crisis, it's imperative you have financial resources.

However, don't think for one second that your money in the bank, or secret stash of U.S. currency will save you in the economic collapse...

In fact, you may very well be penniless like most other American families when the dollar crumbles, unless you know how to invest the money you already have with little to ZERO risk...

Now, I'm not some financial "guru" trying to get you to buy the next hot stock or whatever bullshit they are pushing these days...

Instead, I am merely going to show you the investments I have made personally in the past 5 years and why I chose to do so. That way, YOU can decide what the right fit is for you and your family.

Inside Financial Forecasts And Preparedness, you'll discover:

The single-most important investment I have found that you'll want to seriously consider too (and NO, it’s not precious metals like gold or silver - although these are also wise choices…)

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Training Module #2 - Seal Secrets For Survival And Defense (Valued At $49)

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Training Module #3 - The Ultimate Survival Food Guide (Valued at $37)

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Maybe you've seen footage of the store shelves when a disaster strikes (like Hurricane Katrina...)

So naturally, you'll want the inside-edge to stockpiling the right foods and without tipping off the government and FEMA in the process (yes, they are watching and once you use my training, you'll be quietly under-the-radar and shielded from their spy technology...)

Inside The Ultimate Survival Food Guide, I'll show you:

The 9 most common mistakes most Survival and preparedness "experts" make (any one of these could spell disaster for you and your family in the time of crisis...)

A 77 item food checklist for ultimate preparedness and long-lasting survival (don't make the mistake of stocking up the wrong food items that won't last more than a few months. Here's the foods I choose to stock up on, and why...)

There's nothing worse than watching a loved one slowly wither away due to malnutrition, and yet sadly it's one of the leading causes of death in a crisis.

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I'll also show you the best ways I know to guard and protect your stockpile and keep it off-the-grid should FEMA decide to kick in your door one day in search for resources (yes, this actually happens and all your resources could be stolen away in a flash...)

Training Module #4 - The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide (Valued at $37)

Did you know one of the leading causes of death in a crisis is INFECTION…?

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A complete checklist of my own medicine kit for both at-home and on-the-go (you should be prepared for anything, because once infection strikes you'll be in serious jeapordy of losing your life, or the life of someone you love...)

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Training Module #5 - A True Survivalists Weaponry Guide (Valued at $37)

Having a wide selection of weapons to protect you and your family is always a wise move...

You never know what situations will arrive suddenly and without warning…

In many cases, traditional weapons like guns and knives alone will not be enough especially if there are multiple attackers...

In the True Survivalists Weaponry Guide, I'll show you:

A checklist of must-have weapons along with a special, underground list of weapons you can make right from home

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And so much more, I just don't have time to go into everything or you'd be here all night...

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  • Live in the city or in the suburbs
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  • Have no construction skills whatsoever
  • Have no military training
  • Don`t know anything about building bunkers or shelters
  • Don`t know anything about survival methods
  • Don`t have a lot of money to spare
  • Can`t get anyone to help you with it!

Hero Training Bonus #3 - My Ultimate Survival Stockpile (Valued At $27)

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Hero Training Bonus #4 - The Complete Family Protection Plan (Valued At $27)

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In The Complete Family Protection Plan, you’ll be shown the proven leadership techniques that I’ve used myself to lead my troops to safety during disastrous and life-threatening situations.

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Hero Training Bonus #5 - 30-Day Survival Essentials (Valued At $27)

The fourth component of The Hero Training Program is 30-Day Survival Essentials – a guide to creating the very best and most complete bug-out bag possible, and better than anything you could possibly buy.

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Hero Training Bonus #6 - The Plan B Survival Plan (Valued At $27)

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Hero Training Bonus #7 - DIY Water Purification Plans (Valued At $17)

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This simple little DIY water filter could be your family’s life saver and you can make it from the junk in your trash can.

You will learn how to build a quality survival water filter, which will turn any dirty water, into clean, healthy water that will save lives.

Hero Training Bonus #8 - True Survival Plants And Vegetation (Valued At $17)

This is one of the fun little guides you never think will be all that valuable, until the store-shelves are empty and people are desperate for food...

Here, you'll see in detail and with plenty of pictures, exactly what plants you can eat in times of crisis. Get a hold of this guide and you will be surviving in the wild like Bear Grylls.

Add in the Hero Training Program to the already massive Takeover Survival Plan and you'll find the value and true price of this program should be $495...

Now you see why my friends and family are calling me "nuts" for only charging so little for something I have spent decades preparing…

Look below and when you click the add to cart button, you can access the entire Takeover Survival Plan and all 8 fast-action bonuses for only one payment of... $67 $37!

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So feel free to review The Takeover Survival Plan and everything in it, as well as the 8 Fast-Action Bonus Guides for a full 60 days…

And if you’re not absolutely blown away by the life-saving information, then I will return every cent of your money, with no questions asked.

All of the risk is on me – that’s how confident I am that I’ve included absolutely everything you need to protect your family from any disaster, natural or man-made.

So this is it… Its decision time, and right now, you have two choices.

  • You can continue on as you are, without this huge stockpile of survivor resources and special training. Putting yourself and your loved ones in serious jeopardy when America as we know it falls.
  • Or, you can become a savior to everyone you love… their hero… and their leader… by instantly transforming yourself into the most well-read and educated planner in town and ensuring your family’s safety, whatever happens.

It’s time to decide what kind of person you want to be.

The kind who thinks that the safety and security of your family isn’t worth $67 $37, or the kind who will do anything in your power to keep your loved ones safe and well.  

Now, if you’re sitting there thinking whether or not you NEED this, then please, open your eyes…

Even if we completely ignore the real and imminent threat we are facing with the U.S. dollar, and potential enemies with China, or real life terrorist attacks and natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods, the simple fact is, the US Government is already preparing for a full-scale breakdown of civilized society.

They know only too well that the economy is set to crash and burn like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

And many leading experts predict it will all go down THIS YEAR!

And if a crisis does strike and you’re not prepared, you’ll be competing with tens of thousands of other people in your local area for scarce resources – including food, water, and other essentials.

You could easily become exposed and vulnerable in your own home as desperation and violence spreads.

Do you really think that the Government will take care of you when that happens? After all, it could be the government ransacking your property for supplies.

Do you really want to have to rely on them?

Imagine yourself standing in a government food line – hoping and praying that your wife, husband, son or daughter get enough food, and crossing your fingers that everyone will behave peacefully?

Look, I’m not trying to scare you here.

I’m trying to make you realize that being prepared is the smart thing to do for the sake of your family.

Because those who aren’t prepared are the ones who suffer most… the ones who get hurt… the ones who often die.

Sure, you can wait a few months, and tell yourself that you’ll get prepared SOON.

But what happens if disaster strikes tomorrow?

What happens if the economic bubble finally bursts for good and there’s no food around, or a hurricane, home invasion, flood, or even worse, nuclear disaster hits your town or city?

Is it really worth the risk when the solution to your family’s safety is right here, right now – staring you in the face, for a meagre $67 $37...?

This is a complete survival system that will allow you to lead your family through any disaster, and come out safe on the other side.

With The Takeover Survival Plan at your fingertips, you’ll be the one who guides your family to safety when everyone else falls to pieces, panics and your local area descends into anarchy.

Other people will look to you for guidance.

You will become the hero in a time of crisis, because you will be only one who knows what to do.

The fact is, the people who are prepared… the people with the most knowledge about what to do in a crisis… are the people who survive.

If you choose not to be prepared, then you'll be putting your family at great risk, and you will end up feeling completely powerless in the face of forces bigger than yourself...

So please, make the smart choice and order The Takeover Survival Plan today, before it’s too late – and lock in your special bonus at the same time by clicking on the button below.

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And remember, for a 1 time payment of just $67 $37, you’re not just getting an incredible bargain today.

You'll also be joining me in The Patriot`s Cause – a plan I have set in motion to inform 1,000,000 American family's this year - as well as the ever-growing survivalist community...

And you'll even make some wonderful new friends along the way: like-minded folks like you and I who are dedicated to keeping their families safe in a time of crisis.

All you have to do now is click the add to cart button and begin your 60 risk-free trial of the Takeover Survival Plan... and remember, the package is valued at $495 and today you’re getting everything for just $37.  That’s a massive discount of 74% just for ordering now!

In the past, you’ve probably been relying on the Government to protect you during a disastrous event.

But I hope that you now realize what a tremendous risk this is.

The truth is, if you want to protect your loved ones, you need to do it yourself.

And today is your day to take responsibility...

Do you have what it takes to protect your family?

Is the long-term safety of your family worth $67 $37...?

Because if you’re prepared to let such a tiny amount get in the way of protecting your loved ones, then you need to ask yourself where your priorities lie.

Don’t take the risk.

Don’t be in a position where you might have to look back with regret… haunted by the knowledge that you didn’t do everything you possibly could to protect the lives of the people you love.

Hit the button below and make absolutely sure that you have everything you need to keep your family safe.

“Im not a tin foil hat, hardcore survivalist, but I do beleive the USD will once again fall hard! This time will be much worse that 2008 though. We simply can't print anymore money to get out of this mess like last time.

I found your financial security tips to be some of the best out there and the information is worth every penny. For anybody sitting on the fence about the quality of this content, I say GO FOR IT! ”

Michael Mase. Cleveland, Ohio

“After watching the movie "The Big Short", I firmly beleive the USD will fall through the floor very soon. I highly recommend the Takeover Survival Plan, every American family can benefit from this product.

Jonathan H. Austin, Texas


Common Questions:

Jim Reed from Austen Texas asks: How does your guarantee work?

And well it’s really quite simple actually. You have 60 days to read through the Financial and Survival modules, go through the entire Hero Training Program and pick apart all my work.

Then, if you’re not absolutely 100% thrilled with the system, if you don’t think it’s worth 10 times your investment then just send me an email.

In fact, I urge you to send me an email and ask for a refund because if you don’t benefit from The Takeover Survival Plan and Hero Training Program then I wouldn’t feel comfortable keeping your money.

Remember, I didn’t create this program to get rich, I created it to help you and your family and if I don’t do that I don’t deserve to keep your investment.

Here’s another question I received from Adam Parker in Nashville Tennessee: Can I contact somebody if I need help after I order?

And the answer is absolutely yes.  You can call us directly and speak with somebody from my team at any time, or you can email us. Either way, we are here and ready to help you.

And one final question. Brian Farmer in Perth Australia asks: Can I purchase even though I don’t live in USA?

The answer is yes. You can get your hands on this system no matter what country you’re in. And by the way -  it’s great to see folks from all parts of the world preparing and doing everything they can to provide for their family. 

So, I hope those answers put your mind at easy before you order but if you do have other questions just call or email us.

All that’s left to do now is to take action by clicking on the order button below, to get instant access to The Takeover Survival Plan now.

Your family may depend on it...





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